Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy / Gemma Lacey; Diagnosed Active Psychopath… all the Same Person, One of my Ex’s… Part II…

These are not my photographs but is if one were walking down the street a more recognisable ones of Arielle / Ava De Lacy than most of her fashion photographs.  Arielle / Ava De Lacy pathological liar, narcissistic sociopath / psychopath and toxic person. Obvious if the person who has copyright on this photograph wants to ask me to remove it, I will be more than happy to do so. Interestingly she always said she did not wear t-shirts or jeans as she thought they were far too common for her. Also someone recently said to me if you did not know her blue eyes were contact lenses how come you have photographs posted of her with brown eyes. I did ask them where they saw the photographs with brown eyes. They said it must have been your instagram. Well they are here not on my instagram and I found them on the web after I found out Arielle / Ava etc was lying about me. Which was in 2017 3 years after I last saw her. I also as she always wore her blue contact lenses and swore she had blue eyes whenever I saw her or she stayed over finding these photos with brown eyes confirmed it was one more thing she lied about. Including the story she had her blue eyes from her white English grandmother. So maybe some help with peoples deductive reasoning. After all why would I say she always said her blue eyes were real and then post photos where she has brown eyes unless I found out later that she did indeed not have blue eyes but brown. Which still seems a strange thing to lie about then nearly everything she told me was a lie. Then another thing he said though not connected with this page was Alison Goldfrapp is a lesbian. That assumes being lesbian now or in a relationship with a woman currently means she has only ever been into women that does not show much deductive reasoning or a flexible mind. Alison Goldfrapp when at art school and I knew her was seeing first Nigel and then Ed Underwood, both men. So now she is with a woman, bisexual. 

I wrote quite a long introduction to these digital messages I have recently had with Jan, who has known and been in a sexual relationship with Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy / Axelle De Lacy or Gemma Lacey whatever she wants to call herself, since 2011. But then deleted it. This woman has lied to me, she asked me to marry her in 2013, she also disappeared on me in 2013, has lied about me ever since, got others to lie about me, accused me of things that never happened, still not sure what and got others too. Arielle / Ava was a nude art model, which is how I met her, she was suppose to model for my art, though some of the images I found of her modelling she had done before were not art, more porn, some maybe glamour, sleazy and tacky. Which she had been trying to hide from me, one reason for the different use of names, also so I did not find out she was as sleazy and tacky as the worst of the images of her. Now if someone wants to sleep around with multiple partners, lie about it and be a nasty little shit of a person no matter how beautiful they are that is up to them, though why drag me into their revolting little life. I did also say on numerous occasions if you do not want to be with don’t, that is up to you, which pissed her off and then she would say you don’t want to be with me I would have already killed myself if I had not met you, and would if we were not together. She knew I neither liked sleaze, sleazy people or liars. She talked to people in Spain and other countries and got them to lie about me and accuse me of fuck knows what. Now some of you that are connected with me on LinkedIn, will know nothing about this, but some surely do, I mean I have 100’s of high end fashion people on LinkedIn, and I am a world class fashion photographer and have not one fashion photography commission. More I am a world class artist and struggle to get a show or exhibition… Though if you read these messages and my writing at the end you might begin to understand why and how I have been lied about and had Arielle and a bunch of other people, both men and women lie about me and try to fuck my life up… They do speak for themselves… 

Was not thinking about killing herself, that should have been…

I wanted some photographs that I had seen online as proof of how sleazy and lying Arielle / Ava De Lacy was.

Not that I was ranting, and he does not seem to quite have it clear I am not upset because I am no longer with Arielle… I was actually pleased when she disappeared on me in many ways… What upset and still does about her, is she is beautiful, intelligent, but so fucked up… and idiots seem to believe what she says… also she has probably been posting my writing and ideas as hers…

Yes Jan had already told me his full name right near the beginning of this messaging but wanted some confirmation…

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy in her own handwriting. Though this is on the other article / page about Arielle / Ava on here, I thought I would put it on this page as well.

How Arielle De Lacy / Gemma Lacey / Axelle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy or whatever name she is using got diagnosed with Border Line Personality Disorder with narcissistic and sociopathic traits I have no idea, I do not even understand how anyone could. She has Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder or has the psychological structure of a Sociopath / Psychopath. All incurable… I will say that again… All incurable… Now many people have these psychological structures and learn to live with them without being harmful to themselves or other people. Arielle De Lacy is an ‘Active Sociopath’ that means she might do harm to herself but will do harm to other people, whether psychological harm, emotional harm and as I found out in these messages physical harm to people. Now I know she is an active psychopath because she has been spreading lies about me, that could get me killed, still not she has actually been saying, though have an idea what other people have been lying about, about me. Now Arielle De Lacy was 19 when she was jumping all over me naked, instead of modelling for my art which is why I originally knew her. Jumping all over me naked, asking me to marry her, telling me she would kill herself if she was not me and lying about things I could not even understand why people would lie about such things right up to lying about things that were sick and twisted to lie about. Now I mention she was 19 years old, an adult, now I know ex pats down in Spain would call me a paedophile because of her age and have done. Uneducated, stupid and ignorant people. A paedophile is a man or a woman with sexual interest in children generally under the age of 11 years old. Not someone that goes out with a young woman of 18 19 or 20, adults go out with adults, nothing illegal about that, in fact one of the most glamorous and greatest romances in Hollywood history is about Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall was 19 years old and Humphrey Bogart was 45. My age really does not matter, but ex pats I have met in Spain would call Humphrey Bogart a paedophile… Now this is pat of a larger story, and what lies in that part of Spain they have concocted since to try and cover their arses I have not a clue, but when people lie, they either have to admit it and tell the truth or just keep adding one lie after the other.

Now I have met a number of women with similar traits to Arielle De Lacy, though not as intelligent. One would be Charli Howard who modelled for me many years ago and use to tell me I was her friend. Another was a woman of 20 that use to work in a Spain in Andalucia I use to drink in as they served Hoegaarden and use to come over and talk to me a lot when I was in there, by the name I think if Laura, a half Dutch / half German woman that had lived in Nevada USA before moving to Spain or so she told me. Who I once asked if I could take a photograph of her face for a painting, said no which was fine with me, but then started going on about how beautiful she was, and how lots of other people thought so… I was rather surprised by this, she was a pretty 20 year old, not beautiful, than how many women and their vanity, I did say well I use to be a fashion photographer as she went on about how beautiful she was and left never to return to the bar. A few weeks later her thug German father walked up behind e when I was sitting on a bar stool in another bar, said something so I turned sideways and started punching me in the face… I did not get upset, agitated, I actually was more surprised and thought it was ridiculous. I also did nt have him charged and arrested which I should have done, as I do believe she has been spreading lies about me, her family who are sort of known as trash in the area, I was sort of told that after I got punched by her father, her mother is worse apparently and all unpleasant…

Then I do believe some of my other ex’s are no better, vindictive, lying and nasty as things did not work out between us… And when I was travelling around the Greek Islands in 2015 revising my artists book, the one that is now in The Tate special archive of artists books. I was on a ferry in Greece where I had been for months going around the islands, with some strange things going on around me. Usually in Greece and travelling around the islands I am treated by most I meet extremely well… So I am on a ferry on my way to Milos Island, and 3 Greek ferryman are staring at me and speaking English, then one says “Who would spread rumours he is into children if it is not true” and then another says “But someone said he knows him and thinks it is highly unlikely, bordering on the ridiculous.” I was so shocked and upset I did not do anything for a moment or more, when I did the ferryman had gone and I did not see them again before disembarking… I immediately thought this was coming out of Spain, I will go into more detail another time… though I did email someone from Greece, who I knew from Spain who had family living there, saying I would sue them all if they did not stop spreading lies about me… And started, on Milos Island, island a blog about my travels when young, with my friend Pete, how we backpacked around the Mediterranean together, and started writing a full book about it, the blog were just extracts from our travels and a few other bits and pieces from my life… I thought if I was going to get killed on a Greek island over a bunch of lies I should leave some of the truth behind… If not for me, for my parents who brought me into this world raised me and gave me a wonderful childhood, though already both dead, I felt it was not just an appalling thing to be accused of and lied about, but an insult to my parents… Though my older sister also seems to share some traits with Arielle De Lacy… Now I got harassed and hassled on a number of different islands, as well as other people being friendly towards me, the more normal thing when I travel… I had stayed and been through Mykonos a few times, as many ferries dock there for different destinations… The last time there for just a few hours waiting for a ferry to Athens, 100’s of people came down to the old port where I was waiting and called out to me ‘Odysseus’ and ‘Beauty’ which though I still get no statistics saying anyone has ever really looked at my blog then or now, obviously they how found out about bits of my travels and life from that… Why else would they have called out to me… and I do believe more and more people came out ofthe woodwork, to tell more and more lies about me since then, and telling worse ones, like my pathologically lying psychopath ex Arielle De Lacy…

Now I grew up with the idea women were equal to men, equal but different… I have gone out with women that were 6 foot tall, in fact I am use to going out with women that are my height or taller, means nothing to me one way or the other… But I do believe the women’s movement or elements within it want to try to say women are good and men are bad… well in my experience, my learning, travels, and most definitely my relationships I have found there are good and bad men and good and bad women… in fact I might say all my ex’s are ex’s because they had things that were not ‘right’ about them… but seemed to start with rather lovely and generally beautiful, like Arielle… and though I cannot vouch for everything that Jan has mentioned me here about Arielle De Lacy… I can say much of what he says she is like I already knew, and the rest does not surprise me…

What I find interesting even trying to talk to a world renowned forensic psychologist that is a public speaker and wants to stop harassment, would not talk to me, because I am a man ? If I was a woman she, as the world renowned public speaker and forensic psychologist was a woman, would have been more than happy to hear my story… Bias even amongst those trying to stop people being harassed and lied about… I did not fit in with her agenda, obviously… That was Dr Julia Shaw

A very attractive women as well, the kind of woman and professional I was used to talking to before all these lies and shit about me… and if you want to make an issue because I said she is very attractive as well… Get a life… apart from seeing… I am an artist and photographer and have read and written on aesthetics… The kind of woman, brains, beauty and a specialist education, the specialist education was the reason I talked to her at tech expo we were at… and we were connected on LinkedIn… The kind of woman that does come up to talk to me… well before all the lies and shit about me… wonder if she will ever get in touch and apologise to me… Then is Julia is a decent person or a good human being she will do… I will not my breath though… Interestingly Dr Julia Shaw claims to be an expert forensic psychologist into investigation, AI, and evil… I think by a lay persons definition Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy is ‘evil’, a forensic psychologist knowing what an active psychopath is capable of, well. As for AI I probably know more about AI than she does… and as for investigative skills well… Elementary my dear Watson… My deductive reasoning is probably somewhat better than hers… and I am less biased… Maybe Julia Shaw does not like art and artists, even brilliant world class ones… which would be surprising because I have met many psychoanalysts and psychologists through my art, as they tend to love my art, talking to me, they have told me I am one of the most insightful and intelligent artists they have ever met, and art, psychology, psychoanalysis go way back to the birth of psychology, psychoanalysis, and the great and good achievements of art in culture and civilisation… Why I am not holding my breath for an apology… Well if I seem harsh on Dr Julia Shaw well I am only being honest, she is suppose to be an expert in her field… And I am most definitely not saying a man would be any better…

I do have photographs of the man and his Dodge Charger who turned up several times where I was, as well as driving past numerous times when I was walking including in a totally different area in London… Stalking me… I will be posting the photographs of him and his car… I think he is Italian and one of Arielle De Lacy’s idiots that she fucks…

So Arielle / Ava De Lacy is a narcissistic psychopath and pathological liar… I said earlier, incurable… But it is incurable in most senses many people would not understand, as it is her psychological structure, it is her ‘hardwiring’, DNA and what genes are turned on, and what genes are turned off. She will always be this way, sometimes she might be better, less active, sometimes she might be worse, more active, as in more psychopathic, depending on circumstances. But will always be a pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath / psychopath. She might not kill people, but cause emotional and psychological damage, that drives them to kill themselves, etc… I am also more than convinced, there are far more people with, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathic / psychopathic personality disorder, all ‘hardwired’ than most experts think… though it does not necessarily mean they will be actively destructive, the way they are brought up, how they work with their own structure etc can mitigate much… Maybe just as bad, many more that admire them or think it is a ‘good way’ to be… and truly do not understand the danger… Also someone said to me recently, “As long as ‘the good’ are on top”… But I do not think they are… that ‘The Good’ are on top… Which is why we are at a crisis point… humanity that is…

The bit below I added to the main page but thought I should add here too…

It could almost be classed as funny I just got a call from Thames Valley Police, shoulder number 2466 Oliver Dalby Police Constable who refused to give me his warrant card number, I was informed before that shoulder numbers are not that good at identifying police officers, they are interchangeable apparently. O he rang to say Arielle De Lacy, Ava De Lacy etc… is complaining about ‘revenge porn’ against me. Well 1. I am an artist and any nude photographs though taken socially are now part of my art, then when I said I am an artist he then changed to the text surrounding the photographs. Well I have been harassed off and on and attacked since 2013, and though I was not sure who was behind it. But as soon as finally I realised one of the main people was Arielle De Lacy, who had obviously been bad mouthing me and accusing me of whatever she has, lies basically, and if you have read my blog above, you will know when I landed back in the UK from Greece in 2015 at Gatwick the police I talked too were more than aware of this, and or knew my blog without a doubt. I do think they have, the police trying to build some case against me based on a bunch of lies. Not just from Arielle but also the people she has spoken too, and broadcast to about myself. She has talked to Spain, when my mother was still alive, and various other people as have some of my other ex’s. I appear to be blacklisted, whatever her and others have spread about myself, world class artist, with their book in The Tate special archive of artists books, but no interest in my work as an artist from any galleries, world class photographer who cannot get any photography work, maybe a world class writer no literary agents or publishers interesting in publishing me. O the police officer who was Thames Valley also said he knew where I was, though he did not have any record himself, but knew where I lived and would be passing the information over to the Metropolitan Police for an investigation. Now how would he know where I was ? From Arielle, I have not seen the women since she disappeared on me in 2013 leaving thinking she might kill herself, because she kept on telling me she would commit suicide if she was not with me, upsetting me and worrying. When in 2015 I was getting harassed London after being harassed across the Greek Islands. I did go into West Central Station twice to talk to them about it, both time did not want to know. I finally realised one of the main people was Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy in 2018 when after putting up some things they she is complaining about now I did stop getting harassed so much by most people, though I have be attacked and punched in 2018. Which was reported to the police and they seemed to find it funny and did absolutely nothing about it. Arielle is not some sweet young women, she is a diagnosed pathological liar and sociopath / psychopath, who so I have been more recently told by someone she lived with and had sex with lies about everyone she has had a relationship with and tries to ruin their lives. Now she has lied about me and got me attacked, with her lies and now that that does not seem to be working as well as she hoped wants to try to get the police on me as the injured party. Now I never wanted to say anything about her or any of my other ex’s. But the only way I could try to get this cleared up and try to combat the lies is to tell the truth. So if the police actually want to do an honest proper investigation, which would also include so if not all of her ex’s, and anyone else she has involved lying about me and getting me harassed wonderful. Though I would prefer a proper detective investigator. I do think that the reason this is now happening is, if the police were trying to build a case of any sort about me, they have realised it is all lies and false allegations and they have no case, and apart from her trying to cover her lying arse the police are also trying to cover theirs. I did think it was about something else that happened recently when I was walking down a street and 3 people walked into me, or 1 of the 3, who were walking in the opposite direction, started having a go at me even though they walked into me, and then made false accusation against myself to the police. All related to Arielle and her lies. Making force accusations is actually a criminal offence. I still have not heard from the police about the 3 people they accused me of walking into them though they walked into me. When I was standing outside a coffee shop in Finchley earlier in 2018 there were several police outside as something had gone on, nothing to do with me and while I was standing outside having a cigarette had a couple of the police look over at me say, ‘Where he has been talking to people in the coffee shop all of our case has fallen apart. Now another thing the police on our few interactions over the last few years have said to me is, “We don’t know you.” Strange thing to say and every police officer that has spoken to me has said it, and I think though it is true they do not know me, they think they do and actually know who I am because of lies and false accusations said about me. Now I would not have publicly spoken about any of my ex’s and the way they were, what they did, how they acted and though claiming or being in love with me treated me, until realising some, hopefully not all have bad mouthed me, accused me of things, tried to ruin my life with lies and false allegations. Sadly not just my ex’s either. Now I know there are a lot of you out there that know she has been accusing me of things and that others have as well. And now me telling the truth trying to combat the lies and false allegations against me, she is trying to get it removed under the idea it is ‘revenge porn’, I did not want to get her into any kind of trouble she has been doing that to me with lies. Arielle is the one that should be charged and arrested among others. False allegations / allegations and trying to pervert the course of justice is a criminal offence done by anyone, ex’s anyone, including the police, the prosecution services, justice system or whoever. I am sure she said we were never in a relationship, which we were, though we never had sex, she claimed she was a virgin and wanted to make sure I was the one, though I was sort of blackmailed into seeing her as she claimed she would kill herself if we were not together.

Now I am a world class artist or suppose to be, suppose to be better than Damien Hirst, he is worth over 300 million pounds, £300,000,000, I have exhibited with him, Banksy do not know how much he is worth but again I would have thought at least 50 or 100 million pounds, who I have also exhibited with. Now knowing how brilliant I am supposed to be as an artist, and a photographer, that potentially or actually should be worth at least a 100 million pounds, £100,000,000 and having known that since at least my last art school, why would I do anything to jeopardise, even if I had any distasteful or illegal predilection, which I do not, nor have I done anything. Now I realise the police might not like me mention the 2 things I have above, but I have done because I do not trust the police to not try to ‘fit me up’ or to do a proper honest investigation. I would like a detective to investigate, preferably a detective inspector at least. I have been told on numerous occasions by police constable all the things they are not trained in, which includes deductive reasoning or basic psychology. Yes the police are not trained in deductive reasoning or even basic psychology, in fact very little from what I can work out. Also I know the police lie, as they have lied to me on at least a few occasions. And the case I mentioned about 3 people walking into me and then accusing me of walking into them, was about 2 months ago, I was told I would be sent a letter to let me know what was happening after they reviewed the CCTV footage, but I did make it clear as it did not happen, myself walking into them, that I would want the 3 charged by the police for making false accusations, which is a criminal offence, and put in a complaint against the police, the first of many working backwards through time. Maybe why 2 months later I have still not heard anything. I know she has had people stalking me, like her Italian that drives the Dodge Charger who kept turning up and among the many cars that were harassing me were Ferrari’s, Bentley’s & Bentley convertibles all the way down to beaten up white vans, and everything in between, I think the Ferrari’s, Bentley’s etc… was to do with the Billionaire 45 year old or so, who thinks he is an artist whose Picasso I was told Arielle / Ava slashed, part of the Billionaire Graf family, jewelers… And I assume the Thames Valley PC was told my address by Arielle which means she is still stalking me, or getting people too, as the only people that have my current address are all supposedly official and or confidential. Then having a psycho pathologically lying ex what should I expect. I take it the Italian Dodge Charger dick is a millionaire or something… Poor little pathologically lying Arielle / Ava. Well she has been trying to ruin my life. Very pretty to beautiful bad still psycho trash, who if I would have know was a psycho I would never have booked as an art model for some nude work. And if the police actually do their job properly they will so I have been told find of long line of guys who have fucked her and had their lives ruined by her. Thing about me I am sort of use to stunningly beautiful women hitting on me of all ages, from world famous pop stars to models, actresses to beautiful women when I am just wondering around backpacking, more beautiful than Arielle / Ava in many cases, and if not more beautiful definitely sexier. Beautiful looneys are not sexy believe me, know far too many, all pretending not to be. Maybe I just have shit luck with the women who I let jump on me. Then Thames Valley PC said I was being condescending, well I have had so much shit off of stupid PC’s that believe any old shit a pretty women says, and I am well above, what is called ‘genius level’, think Einstein or Leonardo Di Vinci… You think I am joking, apart from the art, photography and writing, I have lots of ‘tech’ ideas and if people going back to art school, my lecturers had not been lying about me and trying to fuck up my career, I would have all the finance to do my tech ideas, and before a lot of the so called ‘Titans’ of tech, who are worth billions… When I was with Gillian the first women I lived with, well she asked me to live with her, then work with her, I told her if I made it as an artist I would set up lots of social housing projects, with reasonable rents, she asked me why ? I said because if people need help you help them. She really did not get it. All I could say was ETHICS…

You know if I would have been born into Medici Florence I would have had all the shit I have had, they, particularly Lorenzo understood ‘Talent’ and ‘Brilliance’… sad really the pretenders, like Saatchi are mere shadows compared to them and their protogé… ego rather than love…

Then I can imagine what a tale Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy / Gemma Lacey / Axelle De Lacy is spinning about how terrible I am and what terrible things I say about her, crying, sobbing and how sweet and innocent she is. One has to know and remember she is a diagnosed pathologically lying narcissistic sociopath / psychopath, with absolutely no conscience, ethics, morals or a word of truth. She was born that way and will always be that way. Unless at some stage technology can remake her brain structure, she has a total inability to care or love, everything is an act for her. One of her main twisted pleasures is to fuck people up and fuck up their lives. That is if it is a pleasure and not just a power kick, do psychopaths feel pleasure. A good clinical psychologist would be able to know / diagnose that quite quickly, and I do mean a ‘good’ one. The police will just see a pretty young women and believe she is in distress, and of course I am the terrible one, because they know next to nothing about anything. Strangely most of my ex’s to some degree have traits of different kinds of psychological disturbance, before they knew me, as I found out, and / or just nasty and vindictive and lie. Not what they purported and pretended to be when I first met them.  And because I care, I have ended up being guilt tripped, lied too, and tried to manipulate me, as I have tried to talk to them about ethics, honesty and getting help. Then lied about after we are no longer together. Now I do not think all beautiful women are like this or in fact all women. But maybe just the ones that want to jump all over me and love me, or in a few cases pretend to love me. Now Arielle actually wanted to marry me, or asked me too, and wanted me to meet her mother, which I reluctantly did, unpleasant woman that Arielle claimed to hate, then she claimed she hated her father as well and said they had fucked her up. But what one should realise as she is diagnosed as what she is, is it is not something that happens but is the basic structure of her mind. And what I wanted from Arielle was truth, honesty and not to lie, something she was incapable of… So if she can hate, then she would hate me, for not believing her lies and wanting her to be honest. But even with more stable women I have been with, much more stable they can or many fit in to that rather famous quote from Euripides;

“Stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.”

Not that I have ever felt like that, I just think it did not work out, and feel rather sad about it. Then there is that other famous one…

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”

Not that I ever ‘scorned’ any woman I was in a relationship with, unless expecting some mutual truth, honesty and trust instead of lies, is scorning a women… Or leaving when I realised I did not love them and did not want to be with them… Because for me that would be a lie, staying with someone and pretending to love them and would be very cruel… Also one of the reasons I appear to be blacklisted or people keep saying to me you must be blacklisted you are brilliant at what you do what is going on… If I am blacklisted I have been about lies about myself… Where ever they are coming from, definitely Arielle / Ava De Lacy… Then as I said if the police are actually going to investigate it all properly and honestly… That is both I and Arielle / Ava De Lacy are both investigated thoroughly… Wonderful !!!

Now I was going to watch a Leonardo DiCaprio film the other week, and I thought I would look him up on the Wikipedia, when I looked at his person life there were a few things that struck me. I saw he had dated Emma Bunton Baby Spice of The Spice Girls in 1997, and she had hit very hard on me when she saw me at The ICA (The Institute of Contemporary Art) in London in 1998. He has been out with several models, well so have I, a model smashed a model in his face in 2005 and he is currently is seeing a 21 year old model, who was born the year he was seeing Emma Bunton (Baby Spice). Now I hope she does not turn out to be like Arielle / Ava De Lacy, a pathologically lying narcissistic sociopath / psychopath who lies to fuck his life up, or he does not get called a paedophile, pervert for going out with her as he is over twice her age, get harassed and attacked and if they are no longer together she lies about him to fuck his life up or try too. I am sure she won’t, then he did have the model smash the bottle in his face. O I might have been out with an actress or 2 or had several hit on me or make it clear they want to have sex with me, among other things as well. Or talks to younger people and try to encourage them to live their life for themselves and do what they really want to do and get called a pervert for talking to young adults.

Another thing I did not mention about the phone call yesterday 31st January 2019 at 17.28 is from the Thames Valley PC was hw he had my phone number, the only way he could have is if Arielle / Ava De Lacy still had it and gave it to him.

I might have been more polite to the PC if he had not have told me my photographs of Arielle / Ava De Lacy were ‘revenge porn’, they are not porn, nor about revenge, they are art, and if the posts are about anything they are about truth and justice. Also being my photography and taken with her knowledge I can show, publish or exhibit them where ever I want legally, I am an artist. saying that I have been asked before about text that goes with my photographs, about people I have known, places I have been, things I have done, whether they were part of my art, I said at the time no they are true stories, things that happened etc. What I now realise being an artist, photographer, writer, poet etc They are also part of my art, the person that asked was correct, though the things are true that are part of my art, maybe not exactly through choice, more circumstance. There are examples for this kind of work / art, the artist Sophie Calle for one. Now I have become tired of trying to be reasonable with liars, toxic people who seem to enjoy and / or want to fuck my life up with their poison. But being reasonable myself when the police investigate Arielle / Ava De Lacy if anything in any of my posts mentioning her or anyone else not just in the writer about her, but about anyone I mention, including Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), anywhere on this blog or anywhere else are untrue, and the police can prove to me what I have said, or quoted by anyone else is untrue then I will happily remove that part of it. If they cannot and being part now of my art practice I have absolutely no obligation to remove it, in fact one could argue ethically that I have an obligation to keep in the public view. Since I posted some more on this blog yesterday, it was attacked 100 times from India, brute force attack. Now knowing that people can use VPN to disguise where they are attacking from, so it does not mean the attack originated in India but it might well do as she told Arielle / Ava De Lacy told me she had relatives there and her mother was of Indian descent.

Now if this is ‘revenge porn’ then the whole of the “MeToo” movement could be classed as that. I have documents, emails, texts to back up what I am saying. The I am sure some of the “MeToo” movement people are actually about being vindictive, vengeful, lying, for financial gain etc… But many are not, and though the majority of legitimate claims are by women against men, there are ones just as legitimate for men against women. I should imagine I also have upset a lot of those pretty or attractive women that are like some of the women that I have been in relationships, being manipulative to the men they are involved with. The women I have been in relationships that loved me to varying degrees, have never threatened to or withheld having sex with me over anything. A number of them have said to me that they hate me because no matter how annoyed or angry they are with me they still want to have sex. I often told them at the time well lets not bother if you feel that way. Which made them not very happy, and either jumped on top of me or said sorry and pretty please can I fuck you. I was not being manipulative I want and expect to have sex with a women that wants to have sex with me, otherwise it turns me off. And sex in a relationship should not be a bargaining chip. Though many men I have spoken to over time, and some women have told me their sexual partners use sex as a bargaining chip. With Arielle / Ava De Lacy, though she dry humped me and made me sore and I found it a turn off, but if she did not want to have sex that was her choice. She did not have tell me she was a virgin and wanted to wait to make sure I was the one before we had sex. Though her being a virgin I now know was a a lie, why did she say it. Well, why did she lie about virtually everything about herself, why did she ask me to marry her and plead with me to meet her mother though she knew I did not want too. I mean if a women or a man sleeps around that is up to them, lying about it or who they are is a problem though. I assume now knowing what she was like and what she had already done, she really wanted to convince me she was this beautiful innocent virgin, that had not modelled for lots of sleazy people nude, and produced sleazy photographs, she did actually at one stage really want to be with me and marry me. Arielle / Ava I knew was lying to me about something when we were seeing each other, but the sheer breadth and depth of her lies are quite astonishing. I did tell her on a number of occasions, I did not care what background she came from or her past, but she did have to be honest with me as a good relationship is based on trust. I know many people with laugh at this as many people if they told their  partners, or wives or husbands the truth and were honest, they would no longer be in those relationships, but I would not want to be in a relationship with people like that, no matter how beautiful, or rich or intelligent the woman was, as it would not be a relationship as far as I was concerned. Now when it comes to money, Arielle / Ava De Lacy knew I was not rich, though she did know that my mother had gifted me a £100,000, but I told her that was to make my art, not to spend on myself or her as such, which she told me she understood. She also told me she, told her mother that I was the kind of artist that would either make no money or be incredibly rich as I was brilliant and a genius as far as she was concerned. O the £100,000 my mother gifted me, I shared out to the rest of my family after she died, as there was nowhere near as much money as they hoped for left, and I having been continually told how brilliant I was as an artist since I was a life painter at the Chelsea School of Art, and the other ones I attended thought I would OK. Stupid really and the rest of my family were still unhappy with what they got, even though I ended up with less than them, as more things had to be paid for. So what was it about a beautiful woman that had been diagnosed a pathologically lying narcissistic sociopath / psychopath with the impossibility of actually being able to love that made her want to be with me. Many times she actually told me it was pheromones, we both had very particular pheromones which was why so many men hit on her and why so many women hit on me. But who knows her reasons, she loved my art, she loved my photography, she loved my writing. Maybe she just wanted to add me to what I now know were her harem of males. Then with Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, she never knew my name, anything. about me, just saw and hit on me very hard in 1998 at the ICA in London. she saw Leonardo DiCaprio in 1997 and met her husband in 1998 so maybe she would not want to say she hit on me in 1998, but really what would be the problem. And why would I lie about it, Alison Goldfrapp had already made very clear to me when we were at art school together that she was very interested in me, and 10 years later became one of the sexiest and famous pop stars on the planet, though she is no where near as famous now. Also there were I think a few female pop stars that use to pop into Hornsey art school to see friends that always talked to me, or they told me they were pop stars, dance scene etc… That is without all the models, actresses and beautiful women that have hit one me. A woman I was in a relationship with, Paula, I saw for 6 months before I agreed to have sex with her. O she was sex in motion and so many men use to tell me ‘what a lucky man I was’, but wanted to get to know her before, hopefully so it was not all about sex, though eventually did not work out. You should understand, I much prefer talking to women than men, enough groups of men have wanted to beat the shit out of me through life because of the woman I was with or seeing women hitting on me. Men have backstabbed, lied about me and tried to fuck me over in so many different ways it is untrue. Saying that some men have thought me rather cool and interesting. Women though so many have been so wonderful to me, and some I thought were friends. Then 2 old friends from art school, Hornsey Middlesex, James Ravenhall and Adam Jaaback, though I would not call them friends now. Have seen so many women hit on me, at art school and since. James Ravenhall asked me round to dinner once around 1997 with his then girlfriend Jackie, now wife and Jackie turned around to me and told me I was like Captain Kirk, I said what ? She said always surrounded by beautiful women who want to be with you. So I take it James had mentioned it to her. James I told about Baby Spice when it happened, and as he knows, beautiful women hitting on me was still going on right up to people trying to fuck up my life, Arielle / Ava De Lacy among others. James sent me an email in 2016 when I was being taken to court in Spain on totally mad up charges, for which I was told I was acquitted, though they were suppose to be about something else when I went to court, I was told I threatened to kill someone, another lie amongst all the others. O the email from James, among other things, he told me I was not an artist. Though both James and Adam knew and came to the exhibition I was in with Damien Hirst, Sam Taylor-Johnson (Sam Taylor-Wood at the time), Banksy, Peter Blake etc… as did Adam’s then wife all together and Jackie Ravenhall came on another day with a friend. James and Adam also knew how Alison Goldfrapp felt about me at art school, in fact they even had a go with me about it, and as I said at the time, she was still seeing Ed Underwood, though I late found out she no longer was. James and Adam also knew my art from art school and had seen things since. Then Darren Smith, who at the time was doing fashion photography, has seen a number of stunningly beautiful fashion models, usually more commercial ones so with curves, more my type,  hit on me, at the photographic studio he had, at parties etc… He commented on it a number of times, as well as some women he knew being interested in me, one saying she had never taken drugs, but would try some if she could eat them off my naked body. Shocked us all a bit as there was only Darren, a stylist he knew who use to style Pete Doherty and the women who said it there at the time. The 3 of them shared a flat together, and I was round as Darren was modelling for one of my art pieces, well his feet. The women that said she had not taken drugs before, not that we were taking any drugs, she worked in the music industry, which was why we were surprised she never had. Arielle / Ava De Lacy I later found out had been talking to people in Spain since 2013. Also if Arielle / Ava De Lacy wanted to fuck up my life with lies, apart from being a beautiful women, going out or being fucked by billionaire and millionaires, particularly ones in art and fashion does help. But even if billionaires or millionaires in unrelated fields still lots of clout and connections. Arielle / Ava De Lacy and / or her mother has known about my blog since I set it up while I was on the Greek islands and being harassed, among many others including some of the English Police, the Guardia Civil in Spain. The Guardia Civil and the Spanish justice system made a point when I was being taken to court on fabricated charges, and in connection to being assaulted by one of the Guardia Civil, which was I was not allowed to mention anything on any kind of social media about it or I could be taken to court for that. When I was being taken to court in Spain in 2016, talking to another ex on the phone, who had claimed she was a friend of mine after we were no longer seeing each, other told me I had hurt her and deserved all of this, Claire Burke an artist. Claire lives in Weybridge Surrey, I know this as she had invited me down as a friend several times, though she had got into a relationship and had a child with him, Chris, who incidentally had a £1,000,000 or there about trust found, Claire’s ex husband also was going to inherit over a millions pounds in stocks and shares plus more in property. When I was seeing Claire if a woman smiled or was friendly to me we were out, she use to have a go at me or rant, ranting she accused me of several times though it was her at me. Particularly if they were 20 to 30 years old, who she use to tell me if say a 22 or 26 year old woman smiled or spoke to me, according to her they were babies and children. In 2015 on returning from Greece, I spoke to Claire on the phone to see if she knew anything about why I was being harassed everywhere, she told me we broke up because of under age girls another lie. I was invited round to see her and Chris in Weybridge after the phone call, but both being middle class, were polite. Claire did not want to talk about anything other than polite conversation or her accusation of why we split up. Claire was also in contact with people in Spain, she also said to me if I was her mother I would have stopped you seeing her too, reference to Arielle / Ava De Lacy and her mother, though when I asked her what she was talking about she laughed and said what are you talking about. Arielle / Ava De lacy has tried to use the sweet innocent young woman wronged ploy, which she is not, the race card, well she is of Indian and Nigerian descent, she has been accusing me of something along with conspiring and / or communicating with people in Spain. If she is actually studying psychology at Oxford as Jan told me she was, it is not that unusual for disturbed, to highly disturbed, or even sociopaths / psychopaths to study and become psychologists, psychiatrist or psychoanalysts. It is even part of popular culture, in books and films. 2 famous examples being Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and another film ‘Gothika’. Arielle / Ava De Lacy is anything but sweet and innocent, nor was she when I knew her or before I ever met her. Arielle De lacy might not be a serial killer, but she is a active psychopath that is a serial destroyer of peoples lives and in at least one case driving someone to suicide. I will talk more about Claire Burke who always told me our relationship was not serious, James Ravenhall a person who claimed to be a friend, and Adam Jaaback another person supposedly a friend who I went to Sweden twice to rescue when he was having a total psychological collapse and series of nervous breakdown, Spent £1,000’s trying to help and no longer talks to me anymore, but when he came down to Spain before I was taken to court there but after I had been assaulted by the Guardia Civil, when I tried to talk to him about what was going on, told me he did not want to know. But made a comment while down there with me, saying “Well you have nit been lying about your brother and what he is like at least.” Which to me implied he knew far more about what was going on they he pretended too, also that he thought I was lying about things which I was not. Adam also knew I had been seeing Arielle / Ava De Lacy when I was. He did ask if being dry humped without actually having sex was painful and frustrating. I replied ‘painful she is clumsy as well, but frustrating, I have had so much sex in my life not that bothered, the dry humping is a turn off.’ He asked why let her then ? I replied ‘Well I what do you do with a virgin who wants to wait and she if you are the one, and threatens to kill herself if she is no longer with you, try to keep her happy. James Ravenhall turned out to be far more backstabbing than Adam from what I can gather. I drove past him in central London a few days after it was confirmed and I did on my blog that my artists book was in The Tate special archive of artists books, he saw me looked away and I do not think I had ever seen a more pissed off look on his face. How long he has been slagging me off and telling people I am not an artist I do not know, he always when I talked to him when we were at art school told me I was paranoid saying some of our lecturers were slagging me off to all and sundry, which they were and when ever I got a good response about my art or from any art critics I spoke to I got a pretty sarcastic or negative response, which I just put down to cynical James and his banter. O James Ravenhall is an ‘art director’ at and runs / owns a design agency with some others,, but has been saying for years to me he is just a ‘hack’. Then telling me I am not an artist among a number of other things in an email he sent me which were, lets say not very friendly, though as I said I have known him and supposedly been friends with him at and since art school and as I said knows a body of my work at art school and since and came to the War Child exhibition I was in with Damien Hirst, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Banksy, Peter Blake etc, and has seen some of my photography as well, including my fashion photography, and says I am not an artist or fro other things he said not a photographer, one apart from having to question his real friendship but whether he actually knows much really about art and photography, which since he is an art director in a design company is probably why he identified himself as a hack. I must admit I have always liked James, Yes he is stodgy, a bit anal, not particular ‘creative’, cynical, reads a lot, but I have never been that convinced he actually really understands a lot of what he reads, is quite arrogant in a way, and does not know much about relationships or life, he has been in a relationship with Jackie since they were 16. Used to be friendly, Jackie knew something about the things I had done, traveling, backpacking, art and woman liking me, lots I suppose. Then James has never really done much except work, use to say to me ‘what is this about travel’. James also used to find it funny if people were lying about me and slagging me off, but was always a bit ‘O Yeah’ about any positive things that happened or was said about me. Never really seemed to believe I have been ‘bitched, lied about and backstabbed for years, and I think more than happy to believe anything bad about me, why I am not sure. James even told me once I should have given up making the art I had ideas for and made art to please my lecturers at art school, basically made the work / art that would have pleased them, art like theirs. Though I always thought James was steady and reliable if quite boring, now well has James lied about me and backstabbed me as well, believing any lies and shit said about, looks like it, Great Friend. O he did also tell me my writing was crap, all of it, and I could not write. Though many have and do disagree with him on that including among others, a Professor at Columbia University, who thinks my art and poetry are inspirational. So in James professional opinion I cannot write, am not a very good photographer and my art is not up to much. I do wonder how long his design company will last, I mean they design, do social media, marketing, branding, image, andI have had so many world class people in their fields; ranging from art, photography, fashion, theory, philosophy etc tell me or send me messages to say how brilliant or inspirational I am throughout my life, going all the way back to Chelsea, though then as well I had a number of my lecturers tell me my art was not very good. Though then a huge amount of the students said they were jealous because I really could make Art, in fact I remember painting next to Lady Liza one day, and she turned around and said quietly to me, “You know you are the only real artist hear don’t you”, which while being in some ways a lovely thing to say, was also quite alienating as I was there to be part of a group of artists. O Lady Liza was actually really a titled Lady, the daughter from what someone else told me there, her father was the equivalent of a Duke, not that really matters. 

Then people, men, women, relationships, my ex’s, models, people I have spoken or people I never have, seem quite happy to lie about me or think they know me. When it comes to relationships, the women I have known, someone, a woman, once told me I was probably too intelligent to stay in a relationship forever, not that I think that is true as such, but relationships. So many people both men and women seem to put on facades, pretend to be other than what they are. I do not just mean like Arielle / Ava De Lacy, she is extreme, diagnosed pathological liar, narcissist, sociopath / psychopath and extremely vindictive. Amazing what is behind a pretty or beautiful facade. But most people seem to have facades, especially trying to get into relationships, I think that is where the idea of the ‘honeymoon’ period comes in, people keeping their facades up until they feel comfortable in the relationship and then they start being who they actually are, which neither of them recognise as the person they thought each other was but settle down into whatever they call a relationship, probably why the separation and / or divorce rate is so high or just give up on life or think that it is ‘normal’. I thin that might be why so many women I have been in relationships with think I am wonderful, because I am me, and do not use a facade, I am still the person I was when they first wanted to be in a relationship with me, where as they are not. The amount of times I have thought, who the fuck am I in a relationship with. I have hardly ever got angry in my life, literary not because I do not have a temper, but because I am not an ‘angry person’, even in adversity. I do hate being lied to and manipulated. I do not like being in a relationship with a liar, someone that is poisonous, for they slowly poison me, drain the life out of me. Stupidly with people that are poisonous and give me a ‘sob’ story, I try to help them, I mean if you care for someone should you not, or even if you just know them. Then facades and people they do come in all shades, someone like Arielle, or one or 2 people I met down in Spain, psychopathic, or having another psychopathology, down to a much lesser degree. I often think it is worse with women, not finding them attractive or being interested in them except to talk too, or then being in a relationship and then finding out what they are really like below the facade. Then both men and women are like this, but not all or that has always been my hope. Me some people like me some do not, that is up to them, and has never really bothered me, but when they try to destroy my life, destroy my art career, my existence with lies, that is something else.

Then something that happened in Greece in 2015, the only time I was annoyed, even with the harassment that started going on there, over lies spread about me. I was on an Island Ios, one I had already been on once before while travelling around the Greek islands, revising my artists book and being around ‘happy’ people enjoying life, which was so nice, and what I wanted after being amongst miserable bitter people in Spain and many like it in London. My mother had died and being surrounded by people full of life, was another reason I went to probably my favourite place in the world. Well also a more private reason, my mother had told me she wanted to be cremated and have her ashes scattered at sea, I thought the Aegean would be a lovely place to do that, a warm beautiful sea with beautiful islands all around. Though I did not take her ashes with me, it was to find out the feasibility, and return with the rest of my family, her other children to perform this last duty of love for my mother. I did not actually ask, as it seemed quite a simple thing, hire a boat and go to sea on the Aegean and sprinkle her ashes. The Greek islands to drink and dance to remember my love for life, as a form of wake and celebration of my mothers life. I did talk to my family about having my fathers ashes dug up and mixed and sprinkled with hers at sea. Back to Ios and the one time I was annoyed. I was up at the top of Ios town, taking photographs up on the heights, and started walking down the lanes into the main part of the chora, Ios Town. As I was walking past one of the bars a woman started talking to me, she was one of the people employed by the bar to encourage people to go inside. We actually started talking about travelling, she told me a bit about herself, I told her one of my travel stories, she was Australian, though her mother was Finnish, and had moved to Australia. She was working on Ios attracting people to come into the bar at night, and during the day worked on the beach at another bar, that also did surfing, windsurfing and various other sea sports, she told me to come along to the beach to see. Very friendly women, about 5’10’ (1.8m), blonde, blue eyed and attractive, I assumed just graduated or within the last few years so probably about 22-24 years old. She also told me after she had finished working on Ios she was meeting her mother in Rome, and then they were going to Finland, I think she said she had not been there before. Anyway laughing and joking with each other, and she said she thought the story I told her about travelling was cool. She did also mention the bar was quiet and maybe come back later it might be a bit busier. I walked off reminded of how friendly the people on the various islands were, not just the locals but also the people visiting or working on them from around the world. Not all of them but many. I carried on down into a busier part of town. Went to a few bars, talked to a few people, then thought maybe the Australian women would be interested in my blog about my travels. So as she suggested I went back up to the bar. She was not outside anymore, but and Australian guy was, he said it was pretty quiet but I walked inside to talk to the Australian and give her the address of my blog. As I walked through the door she saw me, gave me a big smile, wav and said Hi. The bar was empty apart from her and the women she had been outside with earlier when we had talked, they were dancing, as I went by to the bar to get a shot she bumped her hip against me and smiled again. The guy behind the bar served me a drink then I turned around to watch them dance and get the piece of paper out of my wallet with my blog address on. The guy behind the bar waved over the Australian woman and said something to her looking at me. And then when I went to talk to her to give her the blog address, instead of being friendly as she had before she looked totally freaked out. Since I knew people were spreading lies about me, using social media from what I could gather, I asked her what was wrong and what he had said, the guy behind the bar. She jsut looked at me totally freaked out, so I asked her several times, getting slightly annoyed. She had enjoyed talking to me and I had only come back to give her the address to my blog if she was interested. Instead I had the guy behind the bar say something to the woman and her looking totally freaked out. Now earlier travelling around the Greek islands after I left Ios the first time on my travels that year, i had heard 3 Greek men working on the ferry I was travelling on, looking at me and saying in english, “Why would someone spread he is into children if it is not true, who would do that, but someone who know him says it is highly unlikely and not true.” Now when I first heard it I was shocked, and by the time I had got over that they had disappeared. Which is why I wanted to find out what the barman had told the Australian woman. Now I knew it was probably coming from Spain, the expats there, not because I was into children but because they are stupid, ignorant, miserable and nasty. And probably used the paedophile when spreading lies about me. Now a paedophile is someone that is sexually attracted to children 10, 11, 12 or can be much younger, not someone over 18 years old, the people in Spain being ignorant and stupid would use a word they would not even know the meaning of, and in fact would apply it to Leonardo DiCaprio as much as they would call me it. Now as I have mentioned, in 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio went out with Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, in 1998 Emma Bunton hit on me rather heavily at the ICA in London, Leonardo DiCaprio is now going out with a model that is 21 years old born the year he went out with Baby Spice, Arielle / Ava De Lacy though young was an adult, art model, nude model, and though she did not tell me about it at the time was a fashion model, and her and maybe also her mother and for all I know her father, communicated with people in Spain, social media.  Also in 2010 the first time I drove down to Spain, arriving in Albox I first went to the supermarket, bought some food and drink before going to my mothers villa, while queuing up to pay, the woman at the cashier till gave me a huge smile while I was 3 back in the queue, when she served me it turned out she was English, one of the first English people I had met there, thinking it was nearly all Spanish in the area, so the next time I was in the supermarket, I asked her if she would have a drink with me, I was going to ask her if maybe she would model for a painting, the faces project and at the same time I could find out a bit about the local area, the few English I had spoken to did not seem that forth coming about the area, and I wanted to find out more for my mother and brother. Also if I was going to coming up and down maybe do some art while I was down there. Now a few days latter I was walking along the road south of Albox centre no pavement, and a silver 4×4 veered and intentionally drove at me, not as I realised after to run me over but to scare me. Now I do not panic and hardly ever had in my life, but I had just moved my mother to Spain so she could spend her twilight years in the sun and being warm, her wish. So the last thing I wanted was any trouble especially over something so stupid as asking someone for a drink to talk to them about maybe modelling for my art and telling me about the local area. The next few times I went into the supermarket to apologise and say forget it, the stupid woman either smiled and me and disappeared off or looked panic and would not talk to me. Getting run over, which could happen, I did not know what the people were like there, that was the point in asking her for a drink and maybe to model for me. And having a 4×4 drive at you in a place where you know virtually no-one or the area apart from being very unusual shall I say, is also highly dangerous. And being use to travelling / backpacking if I was just travelling around I would have just gone somewhere else, but my mother loved the villa I had moved her too, as did my brother. So unable to talk to the woman. I looked her up on FaceBook and sent her a message to apologise, maybe a bit over the top. But she seemed to think I was interested in her in a relationship way. Now she was an adult, 18 or 19 or 20 years old, she had sold me alcohol without having to ask anyone if she could, so had to be over 18. Also I have had pop stars and fashion models hit on me as well as other beautiful women in my life, lots why would I be interested in some pretty women in the middle of nowhere in Spain. Not being horrible to her, but I am use to educated highly educated women that are in art, media, theatre TV etc… A few days later after sending the message I am sitting in an internet cafe, no internet at the villa at the time and some guy comes in starts having a go at me threatens to kill me, and calls me a paedophile, he also looks at what I am doing online, I am checking bank accounts to see what money there is. I am shocked, turns out it is her father, I was not intimidated but shocked, the message I sent was an apology and explaining I was an artist and photographer, did not know anyone there and I wondered if she would model for me for a painting and maybe tell me what the local area was like. I must admit I would have found the whole thing ridiculous, as I had absolutely no sexual or relationship interest in the woman, and trying to explain anything to anyone, as they just seem stupid, ignorant and the kind of people that would rather punch than talk. There is more about Spain but I will write that later, all as ridiculous. Add to that whatever Arielle / Ava De Lacy has been lying about, Claire Burke and whoever else has been spreading lies about me. Now I have tried to be reasonable, tried to talk about this, including to the police in London in 2015 after returning from Greece. I have expected the police to actually check things rather than harass. I have had beautiful women hit on me on and off during my life, and actually usually telling them I am an artist or fashion photography usually scares them off, as they realise I probably am used to having beautiful women around me. But I always have anyway, Baby Spice hit on me just seeing me at the ICA as have many other women. Back to Ios 2015, so I am trying to find out what the barman has said about me that totally freaks out a woman that seemed to like talking to me and all I wanted was to give her my blog address. The her friend the woman she was dancing with and had been outside the bar with, starts having a go at me, she is 5 foot 2 or something, she back me out the bar, I am just what the fuck is going on. Outside the bar I talk to the guy who is working the door, young Australian guy, and asked him if he would give my blog address to the Australian woman, he saw what happened and said the tall one, I said yes we were talking earlier and she enjoyed a story of my travels and I came back to see if she was interested in reading my blog. After all it is all true and apart from anything else the more people that hear the truth about me, the real truth rather than a bunch of lies. He told me he did not have his phone with him and would not take the piece of paper with my blog address on, so I walked off. Now after I realised the woman like me as in liked me, found me attractive, and whatever the barman had said was either to do with people spreading lies about me or that I was older than she thought. Most people seem to think I am somewhere around 35 years old, or as happened on Santorini a bunch of elderly people walking by around me all looking at me saying “I would have said he was 26 or 28 years old.” or variations on that. Which might sound wonderful but like with the Australian of Finnish descent who was around about as attractive as Arielle / Ava De Lacy, if it was my age, and her finding me attractive that freaked her out, not necessarily. Though I must admit if she found me attractive she found me attractive, what does age matter after all Leonardo DiCaprio is a lot older than the woman he is seeing and many people probably think she is lucky for going out with him. Also while travelling around the Greek islands the Australian Finnish woman was not the most beautiful or sexy woman that tried hitting on me in 2015, though they were all around 20 to 28 years old. A woman that worked in a bar in Spain I use to talk to said to me once, “So you are the only man in Spain that cannot look at a pretty women without being called a pervert, the Spanish hit on nearly anything that moves of any age.” And I never ‘hit’ on anyone in Spain, they hit on me if anything. Then trying to prove I actually was an artist and fashion photographer in Spain, to try ease the situation made the toxic morons then twist it trying to imply I was using that to try get women, which I never wanted to do in Spain to be honest. Make some art and take some photographs while I was down there. Imagine you had had intelligent beautiful woman, including pop stars, actresses, fashion models, lingerie models and other assorted beauties hitting on you and still were, sophisticated women, or just lovely women with good hearts, well hopefully. Would you be interested in someone no matter how attractive, with virtually no education, no interest in the arts or media or any other common interests in the middle of nowhere in Spain ? Especially stupid narcissistic women. Now Arielle / Ava De Lacy did not actually think she was good enough for me, why she kept lying even more including saying she was going to inherit £2,000,000 and give it to me for me to make art. Not because I said she was not good enough for me, but because she realised I was not a fake or a liar and was probably even more amazing than she thought. Also I did not know what area Thames Valley Police covered, but I did get hits on my blog from Bicester in Oxfordshire and / or Oxford so if that was the police and / or Arielle / Ava De Lacy I hope Bicester and / or Oxford or Oxford University is happy having a pathological lying narcissistic sociopath / psychopath living amongst them. Seriously do not be fooled by her being pretty or beautiful or anything she says or the way she acts all a performance, Arielle / Ava De Lacy is a diagnosed sociopath / psychopath and an active one. Which if she really is studying psychology at Oxford her lecturers should be more than aware of or one would hope. They would also know that is structural / part of her innate make-up and incurable, and if she is with anyone including the stalking Italian he is probably no better maybe not a sociopath but something else. And do not feel sorry for her she will only use that against you. Arielle / Ava De Lacy would be much better as a study subject of psychopathology. Studying psychology she will just learn how to manipulate people better. If you find that idea funny whether you are a psychologist or anyone else which would include her lecturers and fellow students, you obviously do not know your area as well as you think or if a person that knows nothing about psychology it is serious not funny.

Arielle / Ava De Lacy / Gemma Lacey complaining to the police about me telling the truth about the things I have so far, when she and others have been spreading lies about myself seems to be not just hypocritical, but flies in the face of justice and the law, force accusation, which by doing would also be trying to pervert the course of justice is actually illegal, a criminal offence. Whether using private groups on social media, FaceBook, YouTube and other forms of social media Arielle / Ava De Lacy, Claire Burke and others have spread lies about me, trying to destroy my art career, my life. When I was down in Spain in 2016 one set of my neighbours had a go at me, saying I was a pervert and it was all over the internet. People have said to me “Don’t worry I am deleting her on YouTube / FaceBook it is obviously rubbish”, when asked what they are talking about they would not tell me. The police should be investigating Arielle / Ava De Lacy, Claire Burke and anyone else that has accused me of anything, that is part of their job, then if they have been involved or some of the police they might well not want to, to be reticent to do so. Though as I have said I talked to the police in Athens in 2015, I talked to the police twice at West Central Station in London in 2015, was threatened and assaulted by the Guardia Civil in Spain in 2016 as well  as being harassed etc. I wonder if the police realise believing someone that is lying, not investigating to actually get at the truth and harassing someone that might have been lied about but has in actuality done nothing wrong or illegal is a form of corruption.

And though Jan told me, the man that was fucking Arielle / Ava De Lacy at 16 according to the above message amongst many others, Arielle / Ava De Lacy would find it funny and empowering to know who lies and vindictiveness have had such and effect on my life. Then now she is complaining about me telling the truth. I take it people knowing I am about her and others, and they have been lying about me, and I want her charged, arrested and in-prisoned, which if the law and justice work she should be she might not find it so funny now.

Apparently Arielle / Ava De Lacy has been getting people to post things about me, like I am a sociopath, I ramble and I have no punctuation. Interesting since I have had for unrelated reasons 2 mental health checks over the last few years, one to do with housing, and past them not only with flying colours, I have no psychological problems, no psychological disorders or personality disorders, am exceptionally intelligent, honest and articulate. Unlike Arielle / Ava De Lacy, who has been diagnosed borderline personality disorder with narcissistic and sociopathic / psychopathic traits, which actually means she is a diagnosed pathological liar and sociopath / psychopath with no conscience, ability to feel love, or any feelings to stop her lying or saying any lies about anyone or any remorse for tying to destroy peoples lives. And have my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books, which includes my writing, poetry, as well as my art and photography. Arielle / Ava De Lacy also appears to be saying she has been abusive relationships in the past, where actually she was the abuser and liar, as well as the sociopath / psychopath. Me I would have never said anything about her or my time with her, if she had not been spreading lies, false accusations against me and trying to fuck up my life. Now I am all for women rights, women equality and everything else,I have never seen women as anything but equal to men. But people like Arielle / Ava De Lacy, whether men or woman who try to destroy peoples lives, then claim they have done it to her, that is when women rights and equality or men rights and equality is abused and in fact tries to undermine, real human rights as well as all struggles by people whether women or men for their basic human rights. As for other things that have been aimed at me, by her and others, actually all my stories are true about my life, whether my travels, art, women or anything else. And as for the police well Thames Valley Police asking me to take anything down, I will take anything down as i have said which is not true, and they can prove is not true with absolute accuracy. Which unfortunately because what I have said and written is absolutely true about myself and anyone else I have mentioned. I would not do it otherwise. As for Arielle / Ava De Lacy or anyone else like her having 1,000’s of followers that is a sad indictment of the age we live in, when toxic people and sociopaths, diagnosed ones at that, can be not only followed, but believed and defended. During my life, especially when going out with beautiful women, including women of many different races, as beauty is not restricted to one race or look. The amount of racism aimed at me, by white, black, Indian, oriental, or virtually any other race for being white and being out with someone of a different colour or race is almost unbelievable. The idea that non white are not racist, not only against white people but other races is ridiculous. Which actually includes the police, I have had racism off Indian police officers in the Metropolitan police in London, off black officers, oriental officers, as well as white, but not only racism but also sexism, assuming that any woman that is abusive to me is either because I deserve it or that they are a reliable or honest witness to anything. Like toxic psychopath Arielle / Ava De Lacy, one could not get a more unreliable both in a cultural sense or a legal sense than Arielle / Ava De Lacy, a diagnosed pathological liar, narcissist and sociopath / psychopath.

Now some people might think I am being mean or horrible to Arielle / Ava De Lacy, she disappeared on me, but I was actually more worried about her as she kept on about suicide. Why would I be, I have and still was having beautiful women hitting on me, including famous ones including pop stars, rather beautiful models and just beautiful women, more so than Arielle / Ava De Lacy, and I was the world-class artists, world-class photographer, maybe world-class poet and writer, plus had amazing stories about my travels. In other words I was and am use to beautiful intelligent women, and have been off and on through my life, which knowing how narcissistic Arielle / Ava is, which she used to freely admit to me, as well as the fact that she wanted to be creative and talented, which she also realised she was not or so she told me. And after sending me some of her writing, which was terrible, any form of jealousy would have been her jealous of me not the other way around. In fact being used to beautiful intelligent women, which Arielle / Ava realised I was made her even more upset with, plus I actually felt sorry for her as she was so ‘fucked up’. Not the kind of thing a diagnosed pathological liar, narcissist and sociopath / psychopath. Though I did hope she was better or as much as she could be, and in a good relationship, which as I more recently found out she was in several simultaneously. As well as realising Arielle / Ava De Lacy has been one of the main people lying about me, getting other people too, and why I have been hassled and harassed, since 2013, which started getting much worse in 2015 when I started writing my blog; ‘Thundering Through the Desert Being Chased by a Pack of Wild Dogs’, which is about my true travels and adventures from when I was younger. And also after, the last time I was on Mykonos in 2015, having 100’s of people coming down to the old harbour when I was waiting for a ferry to leave, calling out to me, ‘Beauty’ and ‘Odysseus’.

Now since at least 2015 if not before. As well as Arielle De Lacy Ava De Lacy lying about me. I have had Christians, Orthodox Christians, Orthodox, Russians, Muslims of all persuasions, Brexit people, including of most of the expats down in Spain being leave, expats in Spain, because the Spanish were friendly to me and did not like most of them because they were not intelligent and racist, slag me off, badmouth me, lie about me and accuse me of things that never happened and slur my reputation. I have had USA oil men in central London hang around my car and tell me that oil has dropped to $50 a barrel. Had white racists hassle me, black racists, Indian, Pakistani and Middle eastern people harass and hassle me. Criminal drug dealers, anti-intellectual, nationalists, populists, Hells Angels motor bikers, some people on motorbikes, black taxi’s in London as well as Private License vehicles, though I remember one Black Taxi driver talking to me, and wiping his hand across his dashboard showing me how much pollution was on it, and saying he agreed with me about pollution, and commented, “I breathe this shit in all day.” though I had not mentioned it to him, obviously some people read my blog even if I get hardly any stats to say so. Then Bots can take everything from my blog, as well as attacking it. I have thousands of them doing both. Including as well as high number of eastern europeans. Fashion and art people that have believed the lies spread about me. The police harass and assault me, probably the rightwing and Brexit ones. The police also just believing whatever they hear or are told without checking anything about me People hassle and harass me because women, well generally intelligent and beautiful ones hit on me. Because I have backpacked and travelled and done things that other backpackers and travellers think are amazing. I have had the police threaten me and absolutely and completely fail to do their job in any sense of the word, investigate use deductive reasoning.. I have people come up and apologise to me for no reason they will give. Others say I hope the trouble you are getting gets sorted out. Had one police sergeant go on about how he had backpacked too. Others say I am an artist as well. Others say I am a photographer. A bunch of idiots white black, Indian etc in their backfiring cars harass me. And virtually everyone else. Supposed friends that have known me for years believe lies about me and probably add to them, other ex’s lie about me because they are pissed off like Arielle / Ava De Lacey because I did not like them lying to me and were pieced off I asked them about it and told them it would not work out if it did. Also because though I am not LBGT I have no problem with any adult being so, their choice. And have had so many religious people try to tell me the ‘truth’ of their religion which I am not convinced about to put it one way. I also do not believe in unicorns. Been harassed by people that do not believe in ecology or human caused climate change. And I suspect also because extremely and attractive 20 something and 30 something year olds like talking to me and some hitting on me and not them. And have people that insult me when I say anything back if they are white I am an elitist and educated and some how it is unfair. If they are black, Indian, Chinese or any other colour telling me I am being racist or saying it because they are not white or in fact a woman. I think an arsehole is an arsehole irrespective of race, class, education, gender, age, religion or sexual orientation, as I do a good person is a good person irrespective of the same. I have disagreed with people and because they are white they have said just because you are better educated and more intelligent. I have disagreed with black people etc and they have called me a racist, I have disagreed with women and they have called me a sexist… The list is actually much longer.

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Isaac Asimov

Or in fact… Bertrand Russell

“I ought to call myself an agnostic; but, for all practical purposes, I am an atheist. I do not think the existence of the Christian God any more probable than the existence of the gods of Olympus or Valhalla. To take another illustration: nobody can prove that there is not between the Earth and Mars a china teapot revolving in an elliptical orbit, but nobody thinks this sufficiently likely to be taken into account in practice. I think the Christian God just as unlikely.”

“If I were to suggest that between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot revolving about the sun in an elliptical orbit, nobody would be able to disprove my assertion provided I were careful to add that the teapot is too small to be revealed even by our most powerful telescopes. But if I were to go on to say that, since my assertion cannot be disproved, it is intolerable presumption on the part of human reason to doubt it, I should rightly be thought to be talking nonsense.” Bertrand Russell

Or Carl Sagan

“Suppose I seriously make such an assertion to you. Surely you’d want to check it out, see for yourself. There have been innumerable stories of dragons over the centuries, but no real evidence. What an opportunity!

‘Show me,’ you say. I lead you to my garage. You look inside and see a ladder, empty paint cans, an old tricycle–but no dragon.

‘Where’s the dragon?’ you ask.

‘Oh, she’s right here,’ I reply, waving vaguely. ‘I neglected to mention that she’s an invisible dragon.’

You propose spreading flour on the floor of the garage to capture the dragon’s footprints.

‘Good idea,’ I say, ‘but this dragon floats in the air.’

Then you’ll use an infrared sensor to detect the invisible fire.

‘Good idea, but the invisible fire is also heatless.’

You’ll spray-paint the dragon and make her visible.

‘Good idea, but she’s an incorporeal dragon and the paint won’t stick.’

And so on. I counter every physical test you propose with a special explanation of why it won’t work.

Now, what’s the difference between an invisible, incorporeal, floating dragon who spits heatless fire and no dragon at all? If there’s no way to disprove my contention, no conceivable experiment that would count against it, what does it mean to say that my dragon exists? Your inability to invalidate my hypothesis is not at all the same thing as proving it true. Claims that cannot be tested, assertions immune to disproof are veridically worthless, whatever value they may have in inspiring us or in exciting our sense of wonder. What I’m asking you to do comes down to believing, in the absence of evidence, on my say-so.” Carl Sagan

Now in any form it means actual proof, evidence not someones opinion, hear say or lies. Which metaphorically as well factually as in history leaves me Thundering Through the Desert Being Chased by a Pack of Wild Dogs, and many years later, standing at old Mykonos Harbour with 100’s of people walking by calling out to me ‘Beauty’ and ‘Odysseus’ not you or anyone else. And other people telling lies about me, and myself telling the truth. Now apart from the pursuit of reason, logic, critical thinking, deductive reasoning I also am highly creative, in fact a world class artist, a world class photographer, and also highly talented and skilled in a number of other areas and highly ethical.

Claire Burke rung my phone the other day. April 2019, she had not tried to ring me since 2016 when I was in Spain and she told me I had hurt her and I deserved everything I was getting. I will have to write and whole thing on Claire as some point. Nasty lying vindictive woman, not that we spoke, when she rung the other day. I do wonder if her partner Chris knows that she invited me down to the house they were renting in Weybridge while they were buying and renovating their home. Claire invited me down as a friend for dinner, turned out Chris was away on business. Claire got drunk started having a go at me and attacked me, slapping, kicking, punching me and shouted at me, though she always said it was not serious between us, I was suppose to tell her it was serious apparently, or so she screamed out me a lot. Now Claire was with Chris, and had had a child with him, we were supposedly friends, so what was that about. This was years ago, though we supposedly stayed friends after. Then who knows what she had been saying about me. In 2017 when I was back in London with lots of shit going on, I dropped by Storm models in Chelsea to see if they were interested in working with me, very strange, polite but strange, I mean brilliant photographer with their artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books, and they were too friendly. Outside I looked up at their offices, a senior person a man was looking out the office window at me, being very agitated on the phone, and just staring at me. I remembered after Claire Burke told me she was friends with one of the directors at Storm Model Management, and latter I found out that Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy had been a model that represented for a while. 2 Ex’s both with connections to one of the most famous fashion modelling agencies in the world, and both spreading lies about me. I was surprised just how lying and vindictive Claire Burke was, artist living down in Weybridge in Surrey with a million pound house, partner and child and still pretending to be friends till she told me on the phone when I was down in Spain in 2016 I had hurt her and deserved everything I was getting. Sick twisted woman. I think when she invited me down to see her, Chris and their child in her new house, first time I had ever met Chris, I pissed her off as I told her I was glad to see her happy, which I was. I think she was pissed off because I was not jealous. Then Arielle / Ava being a pathologically lying narcissistic sociopath / psychopath anything would piss her off, unless I was madly in love with her and believed her lies, which I did not. Now with Arielle / Ava not too surprised in some ways she would lie about me after we were no longer together, well she lied to me about herself when we were together, maybe about me as well, definitely has after we are no longer together though Claire Burke, yes maybe I can see her being nasty to me and about me but lying and saying terrible things about me that are not true, would not have thought she would be that bad, wonder if she lied about me to her twin sister, doctor, and her husband / partner, he is a police inspector or maybe higher up, but definitely police, but with all that has gone on it would not surprise me. Toxic ex’s. Then women loving and being in love with if it does not work out is not necessarily fun, and even if they are not psychopaths, like Arielle / Ava who is a psychopath, they still quite happily lie and try to fuck ones life up. And apparently the more they loved you the more damage they want to do to you after. All seems a bit primitive to me, egotistical and primitive. If it does not work out it does not work out, move on. But apparently not in their cases and a lot of other people, including ‘friends’ and women that have hit on me, that I was not interested in. Then if they are that twisted then they will never really be happy because of what they are like, well if Claire Burke with another man and having a child with them still wants to fuck up my life, how fucked up must she really be, no matter how much she smiles and pretends she is happy. Then all the phone calls and all the things she told me about her life when she was with her new man and having a child with him and about his family, well I do sort of know. I did listen to the message by Claire Burke, she was asking if I was alright, what a truly sick twisted woman, after accusing me of all and sundry pack of lies, and telling me I deserved everything I got because I hurt her, or rather her ego, narcissism and vanity, and causing me trouble with other people over hers and other peoples lies. Claire rings and leaves me a message asking if I am alright, toxic human being.

A few weeks ago when I was out doing something I saw a woman who was always friendly whenever I saw her, she worked at Tesco’s. I did say hello to her, Charishma, and we spoke briefly, she told me she no longer worked at Tesco’s or her other, job. Charishma, had told me before when she was working at Tesco’s she had a medical degree, but was looking after her parents. Though she was saying she was going back, when I asked her where Tesco’s, she said no, then asked her, her other job she said no, but did not say where. Charishma is British Indian I think, not sure what she meant by ‘going back’. Was nice to see her again, even prettier than I remember, around near Arielle’s / Ava’s attractiveness and has amazing dark eyes as well as a lovely smile. She did say how it ‘was good to see me again’ literally. Should maybe of asked if she wanted to swap contact details, but I did not. Not sure how old she is, somewhere around 25 at a guess. Has a medical degree so must be 22 / 23. Then later that day, got into a conversation with someone working for Amnesty International, that had done a degree in law, Paige, studied at Surrey. Attractive black British woman somewhere around 23 or 25 at a guess. Seemed very friendly, maybe should have asked her to swap contact details as well, but did not. Paige apart from working for Amnesty International, was into human rights, international law, and the UN, United Nations. If I see either of them again might do so, always enjoy talking to intelligent, attractive, educated women, and some of them seem to like me, and enjoy talking to me.

Then the people in Spain down where my I moved my mother, where she loved living in the villa and never really interacted with the expats or the locals. I could tell so many things about how toxic, lying, backstabbing, nasty, bitter and twisted so many of them are, not all but a high concentration. I will have to write a whole article about a number instances to illustrate the points. One though that was before I left for Brussels, I had an appointment there. I am sitting at a table outside a bar watching life there go by, thinking of my mother and her death, the middle of the day in the centre of town. I had noticed a girl had been hanging around for over an hour nearly 2, acting rather strangely, across the road form the bar. 14 or 16 bit dumpy, and definitely acting weirdly, no one I knew. When leaving just about to pull away I thought I would ask her if she was OK, as she did not seem to be the way she had been behaving. Replied she was fine, a bit bored as her friends had supposed to have met her a while ago, I said cool and drove off thinking no more about it. I rather got the impression before I left for Brussels a few days later she had spread lies about me, and instead I had asked her if she was alright, and saying something nice, she told people something like I tried to pick her up, I assumed she was just stupid, but latter realised she was just another toxic liar who lived there, like so many others, and might well be friends or related to the nutty young woman out of the supermarket. My intent to make sure she was alright, her intent to be toxic and lying. Which is what so many of them were like down there. Probably not, unlike Arielle / Ava De Lacy a clinically diagnosed pathological liar, sociopath / psychopath, but nasty lying toxic. Interesting in many ways after returning to Spain a considerable time latter, and talking to 2 people, one an ex policeman, and a guy that cleaned the pool, he told me many of the kids down there, around 14 or so, among the expats, were in his words, ‘Nasty, lying little shits and trouble makers, that do drugs and spend a lot of their time, lying about each other and other people, and apparently stealing off each other at school.

I am still shocked by how toxic so many people are, not just women I have been in relationships with, but women that have hit on me I did not want to get involved with. Friends, people I have been friendly with, I suspect even people that have never met, but still toxic and have lied about me and / or been vindictive. women that loved me and said they were in love with me once. How could they be like this. This article is worth reading and highly relevant.                                                          ‘MeToo Will Not Survive Unless We Recognize Toxic Femininity’ by Meghan Daum.

This Callie, with Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy or whatever name she is using now.

This is not my image / photograph but if the copyright holder wants me to remove it I will. Though I seriously doubt they will.

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy with Callie, her best friend and confident that is now dead, Callie is the blonde on the left.

Now I never met Callie, but when I was seeing Arielle De Lacy, later known as Ava De Lacy, she told me Callie was her best friend and she told all of her secrets too. Every last one. Arielle / Ava also told me Callie did not go out much because she was agoraphobic, neurotic, depressive, and like her had suicidal tendencies. Callie is the pal blonde woman on the left, Arielle / Ava lots sort of repulsive in this photograph, not flattering to her. Now as mentioned Arielle / Ava told Callie everything all her lies, deceptions and everything else. Callie committed suicide. Callie had nowhere else to be, or a reason to exist after Arielle / Ava had filled her mind with her lies, and her views of the world. So Callie killed herself. Arielle / Ava is a psychopath, psychopaths do not like to leave loose ends, whether the person thinks they like them or love them or not. Arielle / Ava even has her ‘blue’ eyes in this photograph she swore to me were real. So like all psychopaths in history Arielle / Ava tied up her one loose end, and made sure her confident and best friend committed suicide. One could argue it is the perfect murder, fuck up and gaslight your best friend so they kill themselves. It is not, it only becomes one when the police, are stupid, incompetent and corrupt. O not necessarily about Callie, but everything else Arielle / Ava De Lacy has done. As in all her lies and general psychopathic behaviour. Callie killed herself, with help or inducement from Arielle / Ava De Lacy. This like many other things is a matter of police and court records. I hope you do not mind me saying this about Callie, to her family and the people that really cared for her, and loved her. O let’s not forget MeToo and every other ignorant arsehole. I seriously doubt if you have been taken in by Arielle / Ava De Lacy and done things against me or anyone else, it is a defence in a court of law, after all these matters are for a court of law to decide, not anyone else or their opinion. It is interesting that the same day I post this, some black guy that lives in the same house, just called the police and claimed I have assaulted him. When he has actually assaulted me in the past. Not that the police were interested as they have never been. Life being somewhat surreal, people accusing you of things they have done. Seriously I just had the police around, because a neighbour just accused me of assault which did not happen, unless you count the time he attacked me.  Then if you actually realise that fundamentalists of any religion would rather lie about someone that is not, than anyone else, yo might get it.  Fundamentalist Christian and a fundamentalist Muslin has much more in common than me. Or anyone that dreams about fucking my ex’s and lies about me hoping they can. In fact if you think I am obsessed with Arielle / Ava De Lacy you are so wrong, it only came to my attention in the last few years, she is one of the main people spreading lies about me, and false accusations, which is why I started talking about her, up till then, and since I last saw her in 2013, I had said nothing about her publicly, until I realised she was spreading lies about me and getting other people too. After all how to combat lies, except with the truth. Though I see Facebook took down my other post, which was also about the truth, but put this back up. In fact I would say since 2013, and we were no longer seeing each other, she has been obsessed with me and ruining my life if she can. Personally I would rather not think about her at all. And actually some of my other ex’s or the women that have hit on me, would be far more worthy of obsession than Arielle / Ava De Lacy. But I am not an obsessive. Merely expect truth and justice. I would say anyone who defends her is obsessed with her. 

And if you read this and have not already read this you should do;

This is so not over till the psychopath is in prison or a psychiatric ward along with many others. Well Odysseus did face many adversaries including the Sirens, Polyphemus, the Cyclops, Poseidon’s son, and Circe among others… What ever I have been wanting to bring this to court for years… I want it to go to court… All these pieces of lying shit do not want to go to a real honest court because they are lying pieces of human shit… and the police are part of it…

To Be Continued…

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