Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt the first time I backpacked around the Mediterranean photograph (detail) Russell Hand © ®

How and What I Think and Why… My article in smaller sections… Part II: Fluid Minds, Bioelectromagnetics… Water, Mercury…

My friend Peter following behind in the eastern Sahara Egypt, with the step pyramid of Saqqara in the background. After we had been chased by a pack of wild dogs.

I have exhibited my art with world famous artists and photographers. Though I have not exhibited much, I also have my artists book I made in The Tate special archive of artists books… Which one art critic that I have known since art school, who has thought extremely highly of my art to put it mildly, and when I saw them at the end of summer 2017 told me “This is not just an artists book, this is a work of art in its own right” As well as being an artist I have been reading philosophy and ethics both eastern and western since I was 12. I have been told my art is visual philosophy, and I am a philosopher artist on many occasions through my life. I did a contemporary art and new technology degree… Though my academic theory / critical thinking / cultural theory is suppose to be at least at PhD level, should probably write one at some stage… Though I was not so up on the technology as I use to be, I am again now, with a particular interest in AI, more AGI as it is now called. Conscious Artificial Intelligence Artificial / General Intelligence among other things… Though not confined to that in my thinking or my projects, which are not just art or writing but lots of technology projects as well. Though I want some particular tech for some of my art projects, which is cutting edge technology.

I mention about my level of education. One of my sisters use to be deputy head of research at Goldsmiths University and later both deputy head of research, Nick Deville being head, and head of Goldsmiths Art Department. She actually borrowed a number of my theory books while writing her PhD, she also after gaining her PhD use to supervise people writing PhD’s. And my theoretical structure, theoretical understanding, critical thought and most definitely understanding of technology, history, art etc… Is far more complex, sophisticated etc… than hers… I can ‘read’ art as well as ‘write art’ in all the senses Roland Barthes meant… Why I can tell the difference between rubbish masquerading as art, mediocre art and art for the ages to put it one way… I am a ‘reader’ and a ‘writer’… Which funnily enough means I could advise people on what art to buy as an investment better than both… But I would say buy art you actually love and if the art you bought increases or decreases in price it does not matter…

I will be linking to my blog that has been attacked, hacked, taken down maliciously so many times… and I have not restored it yet full… Which when restored will talk about a number of people including some rather famous people I have known Alison Goldfrapp out of the band Goldfrapp who I am connected to on LinkedIn… among others….

Rock field Golan Heights working on the Moshav clearing rocks out of a disked field, the first time I travelled around the Mediterranean. I am driving the tractor this day, with the rest working one behind the trailer and two on each wing… In this photo left to right, Kenny who had all his clothes stolen except what he was wearing at the time, and did not get another pair of shorts, hence him working in his underpants, well that was his excuse… He was a lawyer from Scotland… The Mexican, whose name I cannot remember, but was Jewish Mexican, and someone told me not him, the son of the biggest shipping magnet in Mexico city… Then Ramon bending down picking a rock up… Ramon told me he was from Uruguay or was it Paraguay, but had a passport with a 100 pages full of visas and stamps from his travels, worked in a bar in Spain to earn money then went travelling… and his family in South America owned a cattle ranch. Some else told me owning a cattle ranch in south American meant a large lump of the country and millions of head of cattle, well in Ramon’s families case… and all part of my book Thundering Across a Desert Being Chased by a Pack of Wild Dogs… I have several photos of Kenny sitting around and working in his underpants, not that I wanted him sitting around in his underpants but it does still make me laugh… I think I was just born happy, full of curiosity and wonder for the world…

This is more of a note for my book of one of the stories from the Golan Heights part of my odyssey…

“The Golan Heights, we are working picking rocks out of a field after it had disced. Similar to ploughing except using a giant tractor and massive discs which turn the earth much more deeply. We pick up fist sized rocks up to boulders on a tarpaulin between all of us, and put then in a tractor trailer. Working on the chain gang, though obviously paid… the field is massive, it’s not a field but plateau. One day I see a whole in the ground, I call the rest, the Israeli ex-fighter pilot goes down into it, comes back up holding something, and throws it to me, I catch it. He starts laughing, I look at what I am holding, he tells me it’s an anti-tank missile, it explodes on impact, shoulder launch one so compact. if I would have dropped it, boom, we would of all been blown up. I give it back to him, well I actually threw it back to him, he is still smiling, mad bastard, I can’t help smiling back. Him and some of the others start playing catch with it, in a sort of circle. A few goes and then even they stop. Can’t push your luck too far. we clear the field. I am informed it is an old concrete underground munitions dump, the army gets called in to blow it, the crater is massive we are told. Though we do not see it as it is filled in before we return to working. One fumbled catch and it wouldn’t have just been the missile and us blown to smithereens. The ex-fighter pilot never told me he was, he didn’t talk about it, he was also a decorated war hero. I asked him once and he said it’s not something to talk about and he would rather not remember. ” Russell Hand © ® 🙂

Maybe something about not only what I think… But a few other things about myself… Generally I tend to want to work quietly… But then from what I can gather that has been taken away from me… A lot of people through my life have told my I am exceptionally intelligent, people that are suppose to now these things and I have had someone estimate my IQ at some ridiculous level… far above genius level, my work, projects, different kinds of intelligence, apparently across all forms of intelligence… I have always found the thought ridiculous… Personally I have always thought if I am a ‘genius’ not just technically but in the things… Though I often feel stupid… and how little of what there is to know I know… Then am surprised about what people do not know… I have what I think of as a fluid mind, think water or mercury with no internal barriers… Neuroscientists / psychologists would, and a few I have met would say extreme neuroplasticity. I am also suppose to have a highly stable personality / psychology… In fact a number of Mindfulness / psychologists people I have spoken to seem to think I have been practising Mindfulness all my life… Or most, between drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon etc.. and reading from a early age, 5 onwards, history, dinosaurs, science, both western and eastern philosophy… etc…


Apparently I am a ‘fuzzy logic’ person art and philosophy… Though I am also a rational logic person… As I also have some maths and sciences thinking… and apparently now a lot of tech companies know they need ‘fuzzy logic’ as well as science and coders…

Then an interesting article on new research on creative minds and how they are more connected..


Talking to a woman the other day, a biomedical university student just finishing university, I was surprised that she turned round and said “Can I quote you on that ?” Natasha, as that was who it was, was referring to me saying; ‘Of course humans emit a eltromagnetic field’ in fact all living things do… This has been known for a long time and that other electro-magnetic fields can interfere with human ones… There have been many articles on why living near electric sub-stations or overhead high voltage power cables is not healthy. some people also say ‘ley-lines’ can be good or bad to live near depending on what kind, frequencies… It has been argued that ‘ley lines’ are electro-magnetic or gravitational variations, that they are produced by areas that are ‘fault’ lines similar to faults in the tectonic plates, lines of variance in the electro-magnetic field or gravitational field… Others have postulated that they are energy lines for the planet, Gaia so it can ‘breath’, and that interfering or breaking them can ‘damage’ the ‘health’ of this planet Earth, Gaia… and that the Earth, Gaia is in fact a living breathing organism with all life being part of it… String theory which says all things ‘vibrate’ at different frequencies, by all things, I mean space time matter in the whole universe, like the strings on a violin or cello…

Which would indicate that not just people, but everything on the planet and the planet itself has its own frequencies, all the way up to the entire Universe, so not only are we connected to every living thing by DNA, but also electromagnetic fields and frequencies…

Then does, what is outside the Universe also have a frequency and or an electromagnetic field ?

Or is the expansion of the Universe like a song, a wave of frequencies, electromagnetic fields, spreading out into ‘nothingness’ to make it part of the song…

And what is the ’Nothingness’ beyond the Universe ?

Their is actually an page on the wikipedia on bioelectromagnetics;


Neuroscientists are currently learning more and more about how the brain and body ‘work’ using the latest scanning technologies, and can now view neuron activity in the brain when different stimuli are provided, also for the body, as they interact in a much more complex way than was originally thought… One could theorise that variation in ‘frequency’ their electromagnetic field could cause different problems in people, physical or mental illnesses, and a human vibrating near optimum would be much healthier and their electromagnetic field would be more complete… Some of this might sound ‘mystic’ but it is one of the things about exponential advances in new technologies, how they are applied and thought… Why so many neuroscientists, a neuroscientist is someone that has usually studied psychology and is a scientist as well who uses technologies to scan, monitor and measure the body and brain, as I was saying why so many neuroscientists are extremely interested in mindfulness… both from a psychological point of view and a measurable scientific one, to do with how mindfulness does seem to promote better more open, adaptable balanced minds, and bodies… What surprised me about what Natasha said was her being a bio-medical student, she I thought would know the science know of this, and surprised that she was surprised that I said, yes humans have electromagnetic fields… cells do… Natasha is one of a number of people I have met by chance in a semi-suburban coffee shop in London, she also happens, apart from studying an extremely interesting subject, being an intelligent woman, to be a beauty queen, Miss Uganda UK 2015…

This is another Michio Kaku on string theory, his particular expertise, though he has many… About harmony, vibrations etc…


This is one of my poems / poetic text from my poetry book, written in 2011 well that is what this file says I would have check, to see if it was not earlier…

The Song the Universe Sings

Imagine a song, or music, a symphony,

a symphony of existence, a music of being,

a dance of the stars, the planets, atoms,

each with a resonance, a note, a musical note,

each oscillating and singing, singing a song,

singing a song of being,

patterns coalesce then dissolve, a fluidity,

things of things, shape form colour sound thought,

thought as a note, ideas imagination each with a part in a song,

a symphony of joy an exuberance of being,

something a deaf Beethoven heard,

Bach with his cello and clavichord,

Copernicus, Galileo, Newton,

a dance of the stars, a music of matter,

It caught Leonardo´s ear,

and broke Van Gogh’s heart with its poignant beauty,

didn’t they all hear a part,

the smallest part of the symphony,

the song the universe plays,

music and math isn’t that what Einstein understood,

the dance of the stars and atoms.

A vast symphony that matter makes,

impartial indifferent the universe sings,

repetitious and random fluid liquid notes,

screaming whispering shouting talking,

matter dense-matter dark-matter anti-matter,

an exuberant joy of being,

it’s in the brush strokes of a painting,

the numbers of math,

the chisel marks of a sculpture, the words on a page,

the smallest fraction of the music the universe sings.

A song of dreams and imagination,

the moon and the sun, of oceans and rivers,

if you listen.

A song a music to resonate deep in your chest,

a music in the pulse of your blood,

a music to lift your heart and thought, open your mind.

The whisper of grains of sand, a child’s call, a mothers love,

a lovers kiss, the beat of a heart, a butterflies wings,

cicadas at night, the rumble of thunder,

a beautiful song, a savage music,

to rip you apart and make you whole,

the dance of the stars, the song the universe sings…

The Song the Universe Sings: Russell Hand 2011 © ® All Right Reserved

Then looking at South Africa and other countries with drinking water problems and droughts I have no idea why this absolutely beautiful project has never been built and implemented, solar powered, looks like a piece of art and desalinates water using electromagnetism and pumps it ashore… There are a number of projects like this one all designed, and virtually shown in 3D… But not built yet… Why I have not a clue… Maybe you will know as I also have a lot of start up funders and investors in my connections… I would assume it can be adapted if it needs to be to clean river or lake water as well, to purify it to make extremely good drinking water…



Then what does one do with a life… their being and existence… I think George Bernard Shaw had a good idea… And I do not think anyone can become inured or indifferent to these words… I think for anyone that thinks in the slightest, these still ring through time and carry weight, density and matter…

“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no “brief candle” for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” George Bernard Shaw

This is our planet photographed from space, from the International Space Station… stills put together as a video by Michael König. This is our home, our spaceship Earth flying through space… The only home we have at the moment and we are killing it, the ecosystem dies we die, bees die and it would at the moment wipe the human race out… See how beautiful it is, we are the custodians, we should look after our home, our birth place… It is on my blog link at the bottom if anyone has looked or you can watch here… Even if we get to other planets we should look after our birth place… Look how beautiful it is at night with the lights of humanity shining out into space, the Aurora borealis and the lightening at night…

should still be optimistic for the future and for our beautiful home… Earth / Gaia, as this articles says with intelligent optimism…

Why Intelligent Optimism Is Crucial to Human Progress

I am a stranger in a strange land, struggling to get home, but then home is not what one thinks it is and is not there when one arrives… it seems to be the city of illusion… except of course my home is everywhere… My home is this Planet Earth, Gaia, hurtling through space, time, matter… Singing its own song and vibrating with the universe… and of course 2 references in there to books I read when very young…

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

“A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” Bertrand Russell

The original article I am now breaking down into smaller parts has been read by many people… Including Mindfulness, psychologists, cultural theorists, art critics, scientists etc… etc… some of who, have told me they love it or like it etc… Which is why I am not only breaking it down into smaller pieces, rearranging some parts, also adding more, but also translating it into several languages…

The idea that was suggested was to break it down into shorter pieces so they could be read at different times… A very good one…

There is more on my art website https://russellhand.com and on my blogs…  https://russellhand.life

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